This is the Lords of Exile Press Kit, here you will find all the resources and assets necessary to use in any medium or article you need about the game.

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In the Far East, in bloody ancient times of war, creatures of the darkness, and samurais, the lands of Exilia suffer the pains of a cruel war. The diabolical Galagar and his hordes make their way killing and destroying everything in their path, only a bloodthirsty cursed knight can restore hope and defeat the darkness.

Lords of Exile is a 8-bit side-scrolling action platformer set in the far Lands of Exilia where a cursed knight makes his way to the revenge. A combination of classic retro mechanics and linear level design in 8-bit graphics in development for PC and CONSOLES from 2 years ago. During the adventure you will take the role of Sir Gabriel, a knight who was cursed with anger after discovering that Galagar murdered his wife, he only lives to take revenge.



Lords of Exile was born in 2018 in the room of the Spanish indie game developer CZAzuaga as a small experiment out of curiosity to test the capabilities of perfect pixel rendering and the shaders of Godot Engine, as time went by, the game became more and more popular and the project grew and progressed more and more until it was what it is today. Due to the need for flexibility in console ports, the project has been migrated as a motor and now runs on Game Maker Studio 2.


  • 8 levels in a classic linear design with powerful end-of-zone bosses!
  • Throwing weapons, melee combat, down stab, jump, dashing… and more!
  • Use the 3 powers of  the shadows of Gabriel’s curse!
  • 16-bit physics with a great retro feel and perfectly polished and integrated controls!
  • Polished handcrafted 8-bit pixel art and fast animations in an awesome anime style.
  • 8-bit SFX and OST enriched with some sounds from the Megadrive sound chip!





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Articles and Special Mentions

But while Metroidvania games are always welcome, we are admittedly lacking in games that resemble the more traditional, NES-era Castlevania games. So this right here is certainly a welcome sight, nailing down the graphics quite well while appearing to set up some satisfying boss battles. Can’t wait for the Kickstarter campaign!

Kyle LeClair, Hardcore Gamer

Lords of exile is a love letter to a whole generation of 8-bit games and drink of great game classics like Castlevania, Ghost & Goblins or Black tiger. His retro aesthetic with a (very intentional) very limited palette is not an impediment to show off very expressive sprites and careful animations that fill us with tender nostalgia to those of us who are of a certain age and will surprise those younger ones with their liveliness.

Special mention to the game’s scenarios that, despite the Spartan aspect, manage to be tremendously immersive and make our adventure in Gabriel’s skin closer and more intense.

A budding gem that lovers of platformers and pixel art should not miss.

Raúl Vivar – Lead animator of Blasphemous


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